M.Sc. Malte Stoltnow

GFZ Potsdam

Malte Stoltnow is a Ph.D. student in the International Research Group StRATEGy. He holds a master degree in Geosciences from the TU Bergakademie Freiberg with specialization in Economic Geology. 

Magmatic-hydrothermal systems form a variety of ore deposits at different proximities to upper-crustal hydrous magma chambers. For his study, Malte investigates the fluid evolution from proximal to distal settings at the Pirquitas and Chinchillas Mines in NW Argentina (Puna Plateau) and the Sweet Home Mine, Colorado (USA).

Performing fluid inclusion analysis, Raman spectroscopy, noble gas isotopic compositions and LA-ICPMS measurements as well as the analysis of stable (H, O, S) and radiogenic (Pb, Sr) isotopic compositions, Malte aims to reconstruct the evolution and P-T-x properties of the ore-forming fluids in the respective ore deposits. 

Furthermore, numerical modelling of the transition from a porphyry to an epithermal environment, considering country rock permeability, fluid pressure distribution, fluid temperatures, and varying locations of the magmatic plume, is used to build a quantitative model for the formation of these types of epithermal deposits.